Reduce Denials & Increase Revenue with Healthcare Claims Analytics

SV Analytics specializes in the analysis of medical billing and healthcare claims data. We do more than your claims clearinghouse, more than your claims "scrubber", and more than your denials management software. We use modern predictive analytics to forecast payer behavior allowing you to proactively anticipate changes in the healthcare financial landscape. We want your healthcare system's Revenue Center to run with peak performance - our expertise marries the fields of Medicine and Data Science, allowing you to do just that!

How does it work?

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A software platform that streamlines mining of Medical Claims data and allows your users to generate beautiful, interactive, shareable reports.

Predictive Analytics

We use big data to identify the ICD10 and Modifier Codes necessary to get your claims paid ... the first time! Say goodbye to endless cycles of reworking claims only to see additional denials. We'll tell you what needs to be changed, and give you the data science to support it.

You said it: Healthcare Revenue Managers Know They Need Data Science ...



1-5 Hospitals or Clinic Sites
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Moderate to Large Healthcare Systems
Full Suite of Consulting & Analytics Offerings
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Founder Profile

Ryan D. Schulteis, MD, MS
Founder & CEO

Dr. Schulteis received his MD from Duke University. He is a board-certified and practicing Internist. He has a background in Health Informatics, and has served as the Chief Medical Informatics Officer (CMIO) for one of the largest integrated healthcare networks. He has a background in Precision Medicine, and a passion for applying the principals of Big Data Analytics to improve the efficiency of Healthcare.

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